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Your Bridal Hair Saviour – Maria Nila Structure Repair Masque

Your Bridal Hair Saviour – Maria Nila Structure Repair Masque

As the weather changes and we start to see a little more sunshine (fingers crossed!) our hair experiences a new battle against the elements in the form of more UV rays from the sun. In my case this causes my colour to fade and my dry ends to become unbearably frizzy!

A good hair masque is essential when you don’t have time to visit the hair dressers every week just to maintain some sort of manageable hair condition and using at least once a week is a really good habit to be in for healthy and glowing pre-wedding hair.


We have been trying out new Swedish brand Maria Nila (available at your local Sally store) and were drawn to their formula of highly effective ingredients designed to be gentle yet effective – especially on coloured hair. The Structure Repair Masque includes a colour guard complex, is 100% vegan and sulphate and paraben free. The Algae extract helps hair to regain it’s natural strength.

After using this just twice (with a couple of washes in between using my normal sulphate free shampoo) I have already noticed a difference – the hair is smooth, shiny and manageable but hasn’t been weighted down to become flat. The colour fading caused by this lovely weather has become less severe and more subtle.

Try the range for yourself by visiting a Sally store or www.sallyexpress.com

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